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Sustainable Beauty and Gorgeous Color

My switch from Pravana to Davines

Beautiful hair color. Inside and out.

As many of you know I recently made the switch from Pravana color to Davines. I could not be happier! Not only does Davines fall in line with my personal beliefs of sustainability and protecting our environment, but the quality of the color is absolute fire! As a company sustainability has a range of meanings. From minimizing their impact on the environment by not compromising the quality or quantity of their natural resources, to the use of natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals and only using minimal quantities of materials for packaging..

Mask with Vibrachrom™ is Davines’ innovative coloring system introducing technology new to the world of hair color that allows superior, uniform color penetration in to the hair’s structure, offers extra shine, high conditioning effect and outstanding duration of the color.

View is the new tone-on-tone colour line with acidic pH that offers extraordinary shine and fullness to the hair. It’s formulated respecting the environment, with 88% to 93% of natural origin ingredients and from 95% to 99% biodegradable ones.

As a prefessional Colorist it's not only about the quality of the ingriendents I look for, it's about the final look! And let me tell you something, Davines has it down! I am able to customize any color for my clients, creating beautiful multidimensional colors that reflect the most stunning shine while never having to worry about whats going down the drain into our sewers and into our world. It literally is Beauty with a conscious.



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