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The Hair Dryer that you need to have!

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

So recently I bought all new tools for work. Of course I thought of Dyson first, but after trying one out for a while, I just wasn't a huge fan. Although powerful, it just didn't fit all my needs. So I tried T3. In all honesty, at first it was because I loved the look. I knew already from having researched their tools that they were powerful, but I really just loved how pretty they were.

After just a week of using my new T3 blow dryer, I went back and bought every other tool they had. This Blow Dryer BLEW MY HAIR BACK! Pun intennded lol. As a Professional stylist it is important to me to have tools that are not only powerful, but also last. The extra features were just icing on the cake. Five heat settings, an auto cool button, ionized air technology, and my favorite thing... an auto pause sensor! I know it seems like a small thing but, being able to put my dryer down and have it automatically turn off and back on when I pick it up is EVERYTHING. You really can tell a difference in your hair with T3 tools. Your hair is smoother, shinier, and way more frizz free. 10 out of 10. If you are looking for new tools, treat yourself to some of T3's lineup. You wont regret it.

-Shane Cudal Colour

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